FS #2 has a new home

Lake Murray Sailing Club is now the new home of Flying Scot #2 built in 1957! She is in excellent condition and I plan to get her rigged for racing. I hope I can buff up the gelcoat to get it to shine again, if not, I will get a professional to paint her this winter. Debbie and I are excited to have this historic boat and plan to take her to our regular regattas.

If you have an older boat, plan to come to LMSC for our regatta Sept. 10 and 11. It would be cool to have a lot of low numbered boats out there.

Tommy Weaver

Congrats on FS #2!. Where has she been? Any pics?

She's been up at Schroon Lake in upstate NY. According to FSSA and Flying Scot Inc. I am the 4th owner.

Ok, FS #1 is at Deep Creek Lake
FS #2 is at Lake Murray

Does anyone know where FS#3 is or any of the first 10? Actually, I am really interested if finding FS #29.


According to a reliable source, #4 is at the Garrett County (MD) Museum of Transportation and #8 is at Selby Bay Sailing Center for repair.

We have #5 in Colorado. It came out of a big sailing club in southern Wisconsin several years ago and ended up in the Phoenix area as part of the estate when the owner passed. He was the Commodore of the club and (we believe) invented the Boom Vang cleat system on the center board trunk. In fact, it appears the prototype is on our boat. It works very well indeed.

The boat is in good shape, but will be ready for a refurbish soon. Our sails do not match the hull number yet (got mixed up in the estate clean up when some equipment went to the club), so just look for an old green hull FS with running lights on the bow.

This is #5's third summer in Colorado. We sail irregularly on Chatfield, Dillon, Granby and Standly lakes. Eager to meet with and learn from other Colorado Flying Scot owners. Also eager for any knowledge of #5's history.

David B. Schroeder

Hey David - there is an original 1962 AP press photo of FS #5 on ebay.

Check it out.