spinnaker hardware

On my "new" FS 527 is a missing piece of hardware located on the aft section of the deck in the corner towards the transom. Its counterpart on the opposite side of the deck consists of a block and swivel eye, which I believe is for the spinnaker lines.

I have a picture of the hardware at http://gallery.me.com/wdahnert#100033&bgcolor=black&view=grid

The holes of this missing piece are still present and I wanted to use the existing holes to attach the matching but missing hardware.
I have looked high and low through various catalogues on line, but have never come across anything that would resemble this construction.
Has anyone seen anything like it? Where could I purchase such a piece? Or should I replace it with different set of blocks?
Any help would be appreciated!

I would ditch that and upgrade to a Series 40 Auto-Manual Ratchet. The "auto" mode is great when those puffs hit!