centerboard trunk cap repair

I have removed the centerboard trunk cap from my "new" FS 527 for sanding and varnishing.
To my surprise I found that the 300-degree swivel cleat that controls the main sheet was not only attached to the mahogany trunk cap but screwed through the cap right into the centerboard trunk with 3" long stainless steel metal screws. I can't imagine that this is the proper way as it violates the gasket/"foam" membrane between trunk and cap.
What is the recommended way of attaching the swivel cleat?
I believe I found a clue when I noticed 4 abandoned closely spaced epoxied holes with washers on the underside further aft from the current arrangement, although in no way does the distance between the holes match the existing base for the 300-dgeree swivel cleat.

I have pictures of the centerboard trunk before and after the cap was removed and of the underside of the cap at

To solve this puzzle probably requires the input of anyone familiar with the 1960s FS rigging schemes.
Any help would be appreciated!

I believe the way it was installed was fine.

I think you have a misunderstanding of the gasket. There is only one gasket and it is mounted on the very bottom of the hull where the centerboard comes out. It is meant so barnacles and growth do not get into the centerboard trunk thus not allowing the centerboard to move freely.

I would finish your cap. Epoxy fill the old holes in the top of the trunk. Re-screw the block back through the cap and the the top of the trunk ( I would think that if you mount the cap on the trunk firmly, then you would only need to screw into the trunk 1" ).

Personally, I replaced my old cap with a nice pc of teak - no maintenance, good grip for bare feet !

Good luck.

The mainsheet swivel is attached with 4 screws about 3 inches long. You would not want to use shorter than that because even at that length they occasionally pull out.

From looking at your photo it seems that the top of the centerboard trunk is open and the board is visible. In the boats I have seen this portion would be closed with fiberglass and the cap mounted on that. Trunk stiffness is important and I would think you might be better off to glass that area before mounting the cap.

You might also check in with Harry for his advice.