Winter damage

A Scot in our family sustained odd damage, a hole clear thru the bottom while on the trailer from the boom crutch, heavily loaded with snow on the cover.

Note the poor trailer design, which does not properly support the hull centerline. There may be other damage in the area of the trailer supports.

FS5516's picture

Chris, talk about winter damage. Did you have the mast supported by the boom crutch. It would make sense for the damage seen in the photo. The weight of the snow we had this year would do that. I myself suffered some severe winter mice this year. They made a wonderful mess everywhere, even though I had moth balls hanging in socks all over the boat, of which they enjoyed to chew the socks. Time to find a new way and place to winter store.

FS 5516
Don't Panic

Hi Mark,
This is Uncle Billy's Scot #5283.
The rig was up, boom in normal stowed position with a cover over the boat.
No water inside cockpit as plug was out and boat pointed uphill for good drainage.