Main sail lashes/cords/bungee/gaskets

I have a FS which I keep on a small lake. I moor the boat, and cover it with a cockpit cover when not in use. Taking the mainsail off each time is a bother, and I would prefer to leave the mainsail on the boom and use sail cords/lashes/bungees to keep it ship-shape between uses.

In shopping for sail cords, there are a few standard size bungees - 12", 16" and 24" inches. Anyone have a recommendation on which are the right size to keep my mainsail neat?



p.s. There seems to be no standard name for these things - lashes, gaskets, bungees, cords, etc. And yes, I know, I could simply use a short piece of line or the main sheet. But I am looking for a simple and quick solution.

As to length of sail ties (or whatever) that's up to you. Frankly I like a goodly amount of extra, so I can tie it in a bow. That's easiest, I find, to unlash when the time comes to crank up the sail. Seriously, I've heard em called everything from sail ties to bungees, to sail ribbons. What ever the get your sail ship shape looking after you've rolled the mainsail or for that matter the jib.

To me I like maybe 18".

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I like the wide Velcro straps. I use 3 along the length of the main. Check out

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