FS #5949 finally home

...'MAELSTROM' is now in the driveway.[:D]

...i'm going to practice raising and lowering the mast while in the driveway until i'm confident i won't make a fool of myself out in public.[:I]

...i can't tell you how proud i am of the American craftsmen and women who built this fine sailboat and how happy i am to have helped them make a living at what they do. CHEERS TO ALL!

...now i just have to learn how to sail this magnificent boat.[:0]

...Happy Memorial Day to everyone and especially to the brave men and women of our armed forces, past and present.[;)]

"I'm going down, into...maelstrom."

Congrats Maelstrom..........love the name of your boat.........remember the same feeling back in 1959 when Eric and Sandy delivered our brand new #169 to our house.....It was my father's first sailboat and it started my lifelong love affair with the FS and its wonderful family of friendly sailors....best of luck...Steve Ungberg

...thanks sungberg, trailered the FS to a city works parking lot on sunday and a friend and i raised the mast and fully rigged the boat.

...took a little longer than 20 minutes but i can see the time getting shorter with experience, only had to reference the rigging instructions twice.

...had a short steep hill to go down and then crossed a street and when doing so i scraped the rear pretty good and i was terrified it was the stern of the boat but fortunately it was only the trailer.[:0]

...i drive a jeep wrangler which stands a little tall, went and bought a 6" drop hitch which keeps the trailer level now, that should take care of that problem.

...i'm gonna rig and un-rig 'er one more time then off to the drink.[:D]

...fair winds to all me scurvie's![8D]

"I'm going down, into...maelstrom."

Please be watchful of overhead power lines when rigging in city parking lots. They are deadly when a mast contacts them.

...i have been scouting launches on waters i'd like to sail on and have had to scratch some off the list for just that reason hotwheels, thanks for the concern.[:)]

"I'm going down, into...maelstrom."

What color is your Scot? I was at the factory back in late April and probably witnessed the finishing touches being applied. Fair winds and congratulations.

"Jersey Girl"
FS 3867

...all white with only the wide waterline stripe in red.[:)]

"I'm going down, into...maelstrom."