Boat lift

I know this has been asked in the past, but I figure it's woth a shot to ask again. If you store your boat on a lift, what type of lift do you use and how do you have the bunks and cradles set up?

I have a shallow water Polylift with 2 longitudinal bunks that conform to the hull. I have been using these standard bunks for 7 years without any sign of hull deformation. Hydrohoist lifts are also popular here. If the water is at all rough avoid single tank lifts. Many new lifts are designed so that there are no metal parts submerged when the lift is in the "up" position.

My boat sits with the bow higher than the stern, but not with enough slope to drain all the water out. I have debated increasing the slope to have this happen. Right now, with a full cover over the boom, I have to bail about a gallon or so of water if we have an inch of rain.

Hope this helps.

Lake Norman, NC

I have a 1500 lb capacity jet ski lift on my dock with a "Hecules" motor drive. By reversing the bunk supports I was able to get plenty of width between the bunks so that the outboard bunk tilts away from the rest of the lift and is the furthest outboard part of the lift. The lift works great and I suppose that an even lower capacity PWC lift cwould work well. I undid the carpet staples and added padding to the bunks and flattened the top edge of the bunks. FS 3512

Note that the Scot normally sits on the center rollers on the trailer. The bunks keep it from rolling off side to side and help getting the boat back on the trailer. I would guess that 75% of the weight is on the rollers and 25% on the bunks. I know a fellow sailer that has water leaks that are appearing along the side (front to back) from hair line cracks about 8 - 10 inches up from the center board trunk. It is an older boat, has been kept on a lift and had several owners. It is now on a trailer. Our last discussion was about water in the balsa core. Now I do not know if the previous storage is is the cause of the leak, just my thoughts. Maybe consider a center support on a lift that will accomplish the same support as a trailer?
Dave 5690

Actually, I added a center support under the mast to raise up the bow some, so that the bow sits on the center support and on aft part of the boat sits on the side bunks . The boat needs to be stored so that the bow is up and the seats self drain. That way very little rainwater ever makes it in to the bottom of the boat. FS 3512