Mooring question

I am considering buying and mooring a FS on a fresh water lake in NC from March-October. What do I need to do to protect the bottom of the boat? Is blistering a issue with these boats? I will be able to clean it in the water to take care of slime.

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I've kept our Scot on a mooring during the summer months for the last 5 years and haven't had a problem with blisters. I haven't bothered with bottom paint, wiping down occasionally seems to take care of the slime.

One issue I did have was powerboat wakes. The boat has a loose rig and the wakes would cause the mast to snap back and forth putting a lot of force on the side stays. Enough that I was worried about losing one.

I noticed a post on this site, I believe it was from Harry C, suggesting that the jib halyard be attached to the bow handle and tightened. Doing this caused the stays to snug up and kept the movement of the mast to a minimum.

I'm sleeping much better now.

There's a lot of info about mooring if you do a search on the site.



Thanks. Good comment about boat wakes. I live on a cove that gets a lot of wakes on weekends. One of the main reasons I got a boat lift for the power boat. I will search again for info. My main concern was about blisters. Slime I can handle with a scrub brush.

Older boats generally don't have gelcoat blister problems. A coat of bottom paint couldn't hurt. There are pictures on this site showing the boat tipped on its side ready for bottom paint. Happy boating!


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My boat, 2211, did develop blisters towards the stern when moored for an extended period.

quote:[i]Originally posted by phebejim[/i]
[br]My boat, 2211, did develop blisters towards the stern when moored for an extended period.

Did you have bottom paint?

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I don't believe that bottom paint alone is an effective protection against blisters.

If you're worried about blisters you'll need to first apply a barrier coat. Something like Interlux's 2000e product.