Reconditioned FS 1210 soon to be ours...

We are soon to make a trip to Maryland to the FS factory and pickup our FS 1210. We are retired and reside in Mentone AL, so we'll be sailing on Guntersville lake often. Although I've owned a few sailboats over the years, most have been ballasted keel boats except for a SeaPearl 21. After much research we decided on the FS for primarily day sailing, with an occassional camp/cruise in the Destin/Choctawhatchee Bay area in northwest Florida. With that said, I am a novice sailor, and my wife has no sailing experience, so we have a lot to learn. I've obtained excellent support from the folks at FS, as well as a lot of good information on this site. Since we do not intend to race, we are having our FS fitted with topping lift, boom tent, traveling cover, rudder lift system, mid-boom mainsheet system, jiffy reefing, and outboard motor bracket. We have purchased a 2.5hp Mercury four stroke 15"shaft, Signal LED navigation lights and all the other required safety gear. We look forward to sailing this fine boat and meeting other owners'. Early thanks for any suggestions or comments concerning cruising and sleeping aboard a FS. Fair winds to you all...John and Joy

Welcome to the Flying Scot family! Keep us informed about your cruising adventures.


There is a Flying Scot Fleet at Brown's Creek Marina in Guntersville. they have become quite active over the past 2 years. You will enjoy sailing with them. i'm just sad that we have moved away from there. a great bunch of folks.

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John, I am also new to Flying Scot sailing and a novice sailor with a wife that has no sailing experience. I have been checking out schools and the lake Deep Creek where the FS factory is has adult classes with Flying Scots or bring your own on June 20th and the 27th look up deep creek sailing school. I will be attending on the 27th and camping at the deep creek state park. I would like to see how you work out the sleeping aboard and a bug proof boom tent so post some picture's. I would be interested in a Florida trip or some island hopping off Mississippi maybe we could get some other people with Scots interested in the cruising section of this forum. I want to thank everyone involved in keeping this web site, it is one of the reasons that I chose a Flying Scot sail boat.

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