...Hello to all, I have a 'brand spankin' new' Flying Scot ordered and should be delivered to me in the Spring.[:D]

...this will be my first sailboat (have a Boston Whaler Montauk 170) and I can't wait to start learning how to sail.[:p]

...drove to Chicago to attend the 'Strictly Sail' show and met the Carpenter Family (Harry,Karen and Carrie-nice folks)and got a good look at a new boat. I am stoked!

...joined the FSSA on-line but haven't heard back from anyone yet.[:0]

...anyway, it's super to be part of an association that has a boat with a great pedigree and historic lineage.[^]

...see ya' on the water![;)]

Rory A. Schoenheider

"I'm going down, into...maelstrom."

I woke up one morning and ordered my Flying Scot, went and picked up my boat two years ago. I love it. I raced one time and came in 21 out of 21. Never been beat that bad, I plan on racing again this season. We have three FS in Charleston. I can't get them to one regatta as of yet. You did the right thing and you will enjoy the Carpenters shop. Good luck!

Fleet of two 2010 Charleston, SC

...thanks for the good words Wallace!

...if i ever end up racing i expect to finish dead last also.[:D] i love it!

...i have built up quite a library of sailing books, videos and magazines in the last year or two so i'm getting better with the vocabulary and the locations of all moving and non-moving parts of a sailboat.[:)]

...when i find a new hobby i usually land on it and drive it into the ground ( a little OCD ) but this one sounds like it's gonna last a life time.[:D] really excited.

...if you're interested there's a 'solo circumnavigation' going on right now you can follow on-line. look up 'Velux5ocean'. really cool.

...thanks again!

"I'm going down, into...maelstrom."

Where are you located? If you ever find your way to eastern PA, we would love to have you come sail, or race, with us at Nockamixon Sail Club. We are on Lake Nockamixon, about 40 minutes north of Philly.

Fleet 163

Welcome to the Flying Scot!

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

...Twin Cities, MN. and I think I found a Fleet on Medicine Lake just NW of me.[;)]

...thanks for the invite and the welcome Phil, though i think i'm gonna need at least a year on the water before i 'travel' to display my lack of skills.[:I]

"I'm going down, into...maelstrom."

Rory, welcome to the Flying Scot family!

Check out FSSA's "Highlights of Scots n' Water". This book has a wealth of information about everything for your Flying Scot. Call the FSSA office for details.

FS 4957

The Medicine Lake fleet is really nice. I'm from central Iowa and have visited them a few times for their Wood Duck regatta and Midwest championship regatta. You don't have to be a pro to race with them. I'm a living sample of it.

As a member I think you can store your boat on a lift there. It would make setup and tear down simpler (= more time on the water).

This year the Wife & Husband regatta is fairly close. It's a lot of fun for married couples and again you don't have to be a pro. Meeting the fellow sailors and attending the regatta is at least as much fun as winning it. At least I think so. The pros might correct me.[;)]
    Saturday, July 30 & Sunday, July 31
    Delavan Lake Yacht Club, Delavan Lake, WI

The Midwest district will of course not be to far away either. This Year it's in conjunction with the Glow regatta at Clinton Lake. I don't think they released any specifics about it (i.e. date).
    Clinton Lake Sailing Association, IL

BTW, your boat doesn't happen to be yellow. Because if it is you need to name it "Mustard" instead. [:D]

Claus FS5074 Seaweed Ames, IA

...thanks Claus for the info!

...nope, 'MAELSTROM' is all white with a wide red waterline stripe...looks really good with the name in black on the stern (port & starboard). Dee sent me pictures after they put the name on.[8D]

...Claus have you ever taken 'Seaweed' to the Bayfield,WI. and Apostle Island waters of Lake Superior? Wondering how the FS performs in those waters.

...looks like you're on a big lake in your picture.

"I'm going down, into...maelstrom."

...aaahhhh, you have a friend with a boat named 'ketchup'. now i got it.[;)]

"I'm going down, into...maelstrom."


You should find Tommy Smith FS 4909. He lives somewhere in Charleston and races in the Carolina's District quite often.

You should also consider attending the annual Ephraim Regatta which is about a 5 hour drive from the twin cities. First weekend in August every year. This is consistently the largest annual Scot regatta in the Midwest district. Info at www.eyc.org/racing

Hope you can be there!

Jay Lott
Ephraim Yacht Club
Race and Regattas Chairman

...thanks jay!

funny story, but last year in oct. (AFTER i placed a purchase order for the boat) my wife and i took a weekend trip to Door Cty. WI.

we stayed in Fish Creek, but while traversing the peninsula we passed by the 'EYC' and i had spotted a bunch of Flying Scot's parked on the dock and i flipped out! i had never seen a 'Scot' in real life.

i took alot of pictures of other peoples boats that day (ha ha) and actually bought an art print from a local artist that depicted the Flying Scot and a collage of different landmarks from Ephraim.

to me at the time, i thought it was all a great coincidence but after arriving back home and doing some more research i found that Ephraim is actually a Flying Scot owners midwestern mecca!

what a beautiful location you have there and i can't wait to sail off the shores of your wonderful town with my new Scot.

i may just show up to watch this year though, me being a 'green sailor' would be a gross under-statement.[:D]

"I'm going down, into...maelstrom."

If your print is by Freddie Bridenhagen then one of the boats on it might be mine. I'm in two of his paintings, both of which are sold as prints.


...C.L. Peterson is the name of the artist...print is called 'The Village'.

"I'm going down, into...maelstrom."