Nice Forum!

You guys have put together a very nice and informative forum that I have enjoyed reading through for the past couple of days.

I have been knocking around the idea of taking up sailing again (have not touched it since I was a kid) and have enjoyed learning about your boat of choice.

Not only does it seem to be a very nice boat, but I have the added advantage of living only a couple of hours from the factory which can't be a bad thing for long term support of an item no matter what it is!

I expect that I will have to go visit them (If they give tours or invite visitors to the factory) as well as see what is going on at Deep Creek.

I hope to meet several of you in my travels and find a nice boat that needs a good home!!

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me through this venue as it is appreciated!



SheepDog68 - Welcome to the FS forum. Give Dee a call at Flying Scot They like to show folks around the factory.

Also, check out the sailing school at Deep Creek. The adult classes use Flying Scots and it is a great value. The week long class is a wonderful mini vacation. My wife and I have been several times. They tailor their instruction to the objectives of the students from newbees to experienced racers.

For more info about sailing at Deep Creek see

FS 4957

There are quite a few great Flying Scot Fleets within a few hours of the factory. Deep Creek is a great idea. If you happen to be in eastern PA, we have a strong fleet at Lake Nockamixon, north of Philly.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

Thanks for the nice welcome!

I had not run into any info on the fleet on the Nock yet and will check it out!

The other place I was planing on looking into is up around the Bay as there seems to be a lot of Scots up that way.

I tend to do my research during the off season so I know that I am 180 degrees out of step with everyone else and this is the slow season for this forum, but such is life!

I am looking forward to getting on the water again! It seems that you get busy and first thing you know it has been years since you where out doing any of your hobbies!! Well it seems that it is time to brush off at least a couple of them that are family oriented and start getting out more often!



SheepDog68 - where are you located?

In mountains of WV.

West of DC and South of Pittsburgh is about as close as you are likely to get without a good map! :)

Not exactly a sailing mecca, but I decided I wanted to take it up again regardless of where I live!

I have been knocking the rust off of my memory with some good books and can't wait till spring when I can get out on the water again and see how much swimming I get to do before some of this comes back to me!



Sounds like Deep Creek is a great place to start.

If you make it to eastern PA, you can come race with us anytime.


Phil Scheetz
FS 4086