trailer question(s)

I just got an old scot and I really think I will like it if I can get it in the water. The trailer isn't made for a scot so I tried to modify it from a drawing from the scot people. I now have a sore back and no sucess. My real question is do the real trailers actually work like the video - just a push and they roll off into the water? My follow up is if they do does anyone have a trailer for sale near the North West - Seattle area?



To your first question, I have one of the new aluminum Trailex trailers that FSI sells. Yes, it is very slippery. Just a little nudge and the boat slides easily.

On the other hand, I did have an old Tee-Nee Scot trailer and that did require a lot more effort especially when I first got it. After I replaced the bunks and rollers it worked well but not as well as my new one.

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I agree they do just slide off. I need to remember to make sure that the boat is secured to the winch before backing down the ramp. With it loose it will launch by itself!

They do just roll off of the aluminex trailers. With some effort you can even pull the boat off of the trailer on a flat surface using the safety line in the stern. You need to be very cautious to make sure that the boat does not slide off the trailer going down a ramp.

You might be able to have FS send you a broken down trailer in a box. I ordered a trailer from Harbor Freight and it came UPS in parts. If you buy the tires and bunks locally you could even save a bit. Call them and see. Trailex also has dealers in WA. The Aluminum trailers are worth it.

Here is a video of us launching. This ramp was super steep but it was honestly no different than any other ramp that we have pushed it off of. Usually you don't ride the boat off of the trailer but in this case it worked pretty well. You can see that I keep the centerboard line next to me so that I can drop the board and paddle where I want to go.