Bottom cleaner

Due to illness in the family I had to spend as little time as possible this year in getting my Scot out of the water and into winter storage. Consequently I only cleaned off the worst of the sediment on the bottom of the hull and will be faced with a serious cleaning job in the spring. I would love to hear recommendations concerning a heavy duty bottom cleaner that will cut through the dried sediment. Thanks for any help.

FS 367 Chin Up

A while ago a FSR cleaner was recommended to me, but I haven't tried it yet. word 'zing'. like a hot knife through butter

I have used FSR for stubborn stains, like rust or the Toms River pine tannin stain.

For sediment, I have used Soft Scrub, on canoes, windsurfers and the like, with a plastic bristle brush. Soft scrub is for fiberglass and plastic bath fixtures. You can also get it with bleach, if your boat is white.

We also pressure wash boats at our club when we bring them out of the water. This works much better when the boat is still wet.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

I have used "On and OFF Hull and Bottom Cleaner" from with great success. After several pressure washings and a lot of elbow grease to no avail I purchased the above. Apply with a paint brush wash off a few minutes later and the hull looks like new. Amazing stuff!!! One bottle did the entire bottom and center board of FS 4578 with a little left over.