Mid-Boom Sheeting Kit Installed

I got the mid=boom sheeting kit from FS INC for $21 and installed it today. Here are some pointers I experienced and what I did. Centerboard cap eyestrap was no problem even though the outer screws/holes in the cap did not exactly match up with the eyestrap. I used some silicone gook in the holes like directions said. The location is in close proximity to the 360 deg centerboard pully so only limits pull in one location (port side aftwise).

The boom strap I had to do more solving. I advise putting in the top rivet of one side before the bottom one there is a little bend in the stap at the top....helps to line up bottom. I had to take a round file and make the strap holes a little larger so the rivet would fit thru. Drilling the strap holes in the boom makes aluminum twisty filings fall and the windy day blew them around. So I advise you move your mainsheet out of way so you don't have to pick filings off the wooly mainsheet.

Otherwise the direction sheet shows the setup pretty good, no problem.
Haven't used it yet, didn't change the mainsheet length. It would be real easy to go back to original end of boom rig setup if I wished to.