Winter storage questions

Winter storage.

I’m planning to put my “new” FS away for the winter in a couple of weeks. I am looking for affordable indoor storage, but I may have to park her besides the garage. I have a cover that drapes over the mast as it sits on the trailer. In fact there is a bottom cover as well.

My question it this, should I pull the mast off and store it in the garage? I have enough room for it, but not for the whole boat. I figure that snow will likely build up on the canvas, no matter how tightly I stretch it.

For those of you that have to store outside in the winter, how do you prep and protect the boat?

Hi Chilidog,

To protect your Scot during outside winter storage, keep water out of her and remove heavy snowfall accumulation. Most sailors at our club winter store their Scots with trailer covers and tarps. They say the tarps protect the cover and the tarp also helps with snow and water run off. The masts are left on the mast crutches which forms a tent - again to aid in water run off. The trailer tongue is held high by stools or sawhorses to help drain the water.

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If you have been sailing in salt water, unwind the halyards, and rinse the halyards and winch box with soap and water. Then, liberally apply white grease to the halyards. This will deter the electrolysis corrosion of the winch drums promoted by winter rain and snow.

The credit for this tip goes to Dan Neff from one of his Flying Scot calendars he published a few years back.

Hank Sykes
FSSA Forum editor

Do you recommend rinsing just the halyards and winch boxes with soap and water? Any other parts like the wire outhaul? Thanks.

This is how I do it...

I don't worry too much about the snow because I figure that even if there is a ton of snow on top the weight is distributed across the rollers and bunks.