Hey from NE Ala...and thanks for the dilemma

Hey everybody,

I'm was looking at purchacing a small cruiser in the next year or two(Cat22 or an O'day 23), but now I'm leaning heavily toward a Scot LOL.
Some background: I was born and raised(almost literally) at Tuscaloosa Sailing club (FS fleet 121 IIRC), and my dad and granddad both have been Commodore. I spent most of my youth in a Sunfish, with a FEW trips in a Buccaneer(scared the crap outa me LOL)
As I got older, I sailed almost exclusively with my granddad in his scots(#3221 and then #4476 Grey Genes) but mostly in 4476...well, other than a couple of races with a crazy old guy in his Coronado 15 LOL.

So the dilemma is...I now live in Boaz, Al and work in Guntersville(which is driving me crazy every good windy day[:D]). I'm going to get a Laser at the first of the year just for me to throw in the water after work when I get the chance, but was going to look into a bigger boat for the family in another year or so. I thought I had settled on a Cat22, but now after visiting here I'm pinning for a Scot LOL. Oh, I have 3 kids; 10, 8 and 7, and the wife is not a swimmer...sucks for me.

My thing is...#4476 was set up for racing:[IMG]http://i475.photobucket.com/albums/rr114/dkfullhouse/DSCF0331.jpg[/IMG]
If ya'll can see anything in that pic... I'm most used to that setup. I sailed on Lake Guntersville one time with a gentleman from Huntsville who had a Scot, and I was much more comfortable with my Granddad's setup. How much of a difference will a plain janeish setup make in the sailing? I should've said...I'm looking at a budget of around $3-4K.

Thanks everybody...

ok, the pic didn't take... here's the link:

I have 1296 for sale at Brown's Creek if you are interested. it doesn't have the full race pkg, but she is in great shape and in your price range.

FS Hull# 1296

Drove over to Browns Creek today after work...Let me just say that this boat is in Great shape! And that was not me that called, that was one of the guys from BCSA. If this boat hasn't sold by the first of the year, I'll be giving you a call LOL.

But yeah, she looked as good as the 3K and 4K hull number boats beside her.

Thanks for the nice comments dkfullhouse. if it wasn't for all of my other hobbies i'd keep her. just not getting any seat time in her this year. [:(]

FS Hull# 1296