jib sail wisker

I have seen a pole that connects to the mast ring and pokes through the clew gromet of the jib to stretch the jib out during wing over wing down wind sailing. Is it legal in racing?

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I believe the FS class rules do allow for a whisker pole as long as it is only a maximum 7 feet in length and is distinguishable from the spinnaker pole.

Please check the class rule book.

M Jones

Yes, M Jones is right. The following is per the class rules:

3. The Spinnaker Pole shall have a maximum length overall including
fittings of seven (7) feet. Only one (1) spinnaker pole to be carried on board. A Whisker Pole is allowable with a maximum length of seven (7) feet overall including fittings. The materials used to construct and fittings are optional. If both a spinnaker pole and a whisker pole are carried aboard they shall be of sufficient difference in designs to be easily identifiable from a distance under racing conditions, and the whisker pole shall not be used for any purpose while the spinnaker is being set and/or flown.