mast rake clarification

I'm a little confused about measuring mast rake. Correct me if I'm wrong. The mast rake is measured first with rearward pressure on the mast and the jib halyard essentially unhooked. The proper length is set by adjusting the forestay length. Then 3-5 inches of play is measured by pushing forward on the mast- adjusting the chainplates for the proper amount of play. Is this correct?

The mast rake that you refer to is based on a loose rig and hence a loose cut jib and not a tight or snug rig. A loose rig has significant play or "slop" in it. That is the mast might move from a setting of 28.4 to 28.8. I don't sail a loose rig so I am not familiar with the exact range of the rake that you are targeting. Different sail makers have different suggested ranges.

Make sure you have a loose cut jib if you want that much play in the rig. For the snug and tight rigs, you achieve the correct rake and correct forestay tension by adjusting the side stays and forestay in either order until you get it right. Most sailors set the side stays first, raise the mast and then try to make the final adjustments with the forestay as its much easlier that way.

Best wishes.

Willson Jenkins
FS# 5639 and 2979