Wasps and other stinging insects

It has been a few weeks since I have been able to do any work or cleaning on my boat. In that time, several wasp and hornet nests have taken up residence under the seats and amidst the foam under and behind the foam. Now that I have stirred them up there is a noticeable hum / buzz emanating from both of the seats. I have thought of buying several cans of wasp spray and waiting until after dark to spray and hopefully eradicate the unwelcome stowaways.
Does anyone have any experience with this problem? What is the “Best Way” to get rid of Wasps and other stinging insects?
What suggestions and or recommendations do you have?

I appreciate you guidance.

New owner of a very old FS.

I had a similar problem with my boat, wasps up behind the floatation. I never had a hum or buzz emanating from the seats so perhaps my infestation wasn't as serious. Using a suggestion from this forum I placed two dishes of moth balls in the boat when I stored it, one up forward, one aft. After about a week the wasps seemed to abandon their nest. I dry sail my boat and keep it covered so the effect of the moth balls may have been magnified. I then cleaned out the nests to keep anything from moving in. When I sail I remove the dishes and the smell "blows" out. I make sure they're there when I cover her up again, and I put fresh moth balls in in the fall.


I had the exact same think happen. If I banged the side of the hull, they all would start buzzing.

I tried spraying into the area, but that did not work at all.

My boat is covered, so I finally emptied a can of raid unto the boat under the cover, which saturated the air with poison, and that finally killed them.

If your boat is not covered, try covering temporarily with a tarp over
the cover, and that should do it.

The mothballs sound like a good idea.

I have also found that the mast is full of yellow jackets. The mast and boom are down. Last night I covered three of the four weep holes with duct tape, then as the sun settled over the hill filled the mast with as much wasp foam as I could get in the one remaining hole. I then put tape over the hole. There seems to be much less activity this evening. I also like your idea of the tarp and moth balls. There still seem to be a few wasps around the foam under the seats. I will re-spray in a day or two.

New owner of a very old FS.

I second the mothballs as maintenence. Some wasp/hornet spray is a good intermediate step, but it is amazing what moth balls will do for keeping wasps and yellow jackets out of the boat. The trailer is another issue, and haven't figured that out yet.

By the way, mothballs also work well with squirrels, racoons, skunks, etc for winter storage. I've kept an open box in there for the past 4 yrs after a racoon made a nest out of my Scot. Nasty cleanup....