Help identifying gelcoat

Can someone please help me identify what is actually the gelcoat on the boat? I am trying to re-coat the bottom with VC Performance and would like to get down to the original gelcoat. What I am seeing so far is a layer of deep red just before I get down to bare fiber glass.

Just my thought. Others may have another opinion but I believe that you are already through the gelcoat!
I have seen a video of a Flying Scot being built and videos of other boats being built. As you may be aware boats are built from the outside in. Gelcoat is sprayed inside a mold then the red stuff which I do not know what it is called then the fiber glass is laid in place. Sometimes it is chopped sometimes it is woven like fabric. The balsa core goes someplace in part of this sequence for the deck and bottom, but that is not your question. If the boat had bottom paint (you say you are recoating) or another finish you are removing, the other process or previous owner may have also removed the gel coat. If you look inside and up at the forward deck, you may observe a red color. If you need to drill any holes in the deck you can also study the hole to see the different colors or materials.
Good luck

It is common practice for boat builders to use a layer of colored gelcoat on light colored hulls. For example on a white hull they would begin spraying white gelcoat in the mold which is what you see once the hull is removed from the mold. Then after the required thickness of white is achieved another darker color like red is sprayed, after the darker color comes the fiberglass lay up. The darker color helps in preventing opaqness and keeps the finished color consistent.
If the gelcoat is in good shape there is no reason to remove it to bare glass since that would require priming before applying VC.