Winter Storage in Canada

I've just bought a FS and will be leaving it permanently in Canada. What are my options for maintaining it over the winter?

Store it indoors? Would any covered place do, such as a barn?

Store it outdoors? If so, with what preparation, cover, etc.?

What about "shrink wrap"? I had never heard of it but it is an option at a Canadian marina. I assume the boat is left outdoors after wrapping.

The boat has a trailer. In summer, during use, it will be on a winched ramp pulled up on the lake shore since we have no dock.
I want this boat to last 60 years, so need some expert advice.

Glad to hear you found a boat. Storing it indoors would be the best choice. It doesn't hurt the boat to be stored in below freezing temps, as long as the boat has no water lying in it. If you store it with the bow lifted, so water can run out, in case the roof leaks, you will be fine. You may want to cover it to keep the dust off and minimize the spring cleaning.

If you store it outside, again be sure it is bow-up to let water drain. The type of cover would be a factor of how much snowfall the area gets. Shrink wrap probably works fine, but would need to be supported in a way that would make it shed snow.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

You may want to clean out the boat so it's empty. If you leave stuff inside of it mice might like it more. I guess they could damage sails, life vest, etc.

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA

The biggest concern, as noted by other posts, is not trapping any moisture and good ventilation with run off of condensation.
It only takes one season of freezing water to do serious harm and depending on the age of your Scot, if there is any moisture trapped in the core anywhere, it can freeze - expand - delaminate thus leaving you with a major issue in the spring.
In Vermont, we would shrink wrap and store in a pole barn that we rented space in for the winter. The shrink wrap kept the boat clean and free of animal nests. Make sure you tape over the drain plug and seat drain holes with blue masking tape. The benefit of the blue tape is that it will lift if it gets wet and not trap water.

I would add, even if you store it indoors in a barn or warehouse, cover it to keep off the mouse crap / bat droppings. And leave some mothballs in it to deter mice. (I tried the other suggested mouse repellent last winter, which is scented dryer sheets, and that did not work). Mouse traps are another option.

As the other commenters said, don't store it outside unless completely covered, and preferably shrinkwrapped.

J. Lott
FS 5698