Aft hull support on Tee Nee Trailer

After lusting in my heart for sometime for a Flying Scot, I have just acquired boat # 4313, built in 1987, and her original trailer. She was donated to a Museum on Cape Cod, so it appears I am the second owner. She is actually in remarkably good condition, solid floors and decks, very few scars. Just lots of layers of bottom paint to be removed and the leading edge of the centerboard needing some dings filled. She came with all of her original paperwork and gear in tact including a new rudder, a decent set of Schurr sails and including a little used spinnaker. All we seem to be missing is one batten.

The trailer is in need of work, bearings and some the of the rollers are frozen and bed supports are badly compromised by rust. But before I undertake the renovation I have an issue of how the rollers are set.

My question: As she sits on the trailer, the keel bears on the center rollers and on the bunks, as I understand she should, supported forward, under the mast stanchion and at the aft end of the centerboard case. However the after-most center roller, mounted on the trailer's rear cross member, bears no weight nor do the two angled rollers on each side of it (which are somewhat misaligned). Is this correct? Do the after-most rollers simply provide alignment when the boat is being hauled and no hull support when the boat is fully loaded? Seems odd given the long overhang of the hull and the fact that the tie down strap goes over the hull right at the rear trailer cross member.

That rear roller is fixed (ie. no vertical adjustment slots) so I assume it is correct if it is original equipment. The angle rollers can be adjusted for height to support the hull (and may have slipped over the years). But I now wonder if all of the other center line rollers (and beds) are too high. I can't lower her much as there is only a few inches between the hull and the fenders.

Does anyone have this rig who can shed some light on what is the proper alignment relationship of all these parts? Many thanks. We are very happy to have found this boat and to be able to be part of the Association.

Yes, The aft-most 4 inch roller is just for hauling out of the water and does not support the boat when on the trailer. The 2 angled rollers next to it are also used only during the haul out as guides to initially align the bow on the trailer. They should somewhat fit the bow profile (as I understand) which is why their angle may look a bit odd to you.

Also, as you fix up the trailer make sure to align the height of the bunks to just slightly support the boat. Most of the weight of the boat should be on the rollers under the keel. It will make you launchings a lot easier, plus that's how the boat was designed to be handled (or so I heard). The rollers should turn fairly smoothly of course, which is what I need to fix on my trailer.

Good luck with your trailer and the Scot!



Many thanks for the help and direction.