Unofficial Site

Hello everyone,

We have recently acquired a 40th anniversary edition FS #5136 and are looking at all the ways it can be rigged. It is a pretty basic setup right now.

I know there was an unnoficial site that contained a lot of good ideas and images but it no longer appears to be active. I have looked at it via but a goodly number of the images are missing. Does anyone know of a location where this information might be still be available?



Fields Gunsett, father of the Unofficial site, and I are trying to resurrect the information he had posted, and move it to the official site. Stay tuned.

Hank Sykes
FSSA Forum editor

Any word on this site info being restored? I just purchased #3410 and have a lot of questions about rigging this boat. I'm looking for all of the examples I can get!




You can get much of what was there from the Wayback Machine at
Many of the pictures are missing but it's still interesting.