jib cam screws

One of the screws on my port jib cam cleat won't tighten. the hole in the deck has stripped out. Is there a clever way to put something underneath the deck for the screw to bite into ( such as a block of wood)? the flotation foam is in the way making it difficult to reach this area from underneath. Mark

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You could try putting some epoxy or "gorilla" type glue in the hole and then put the screw in the hole and let it set. Also try using a different thread on the screws, meaning a finer thread. I had luck fixing the rudder gudgeons using the "gorilla" type glue on an older Scot. hope this helps.

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Another option is to use chopped fiberglass in Epoxy. If you fill the hole with epoxy and stuff it with chopped glass, it will be strong.

I would fill the hole, leaving the epoxy a little low. Put the screw in place. You may want to put wax paper between the cleat and the epoxy to keep the cleat from permanently bonding to the boat. I presume the cleat has two screws and the other tightens?

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I've had good luck with self drilling drywall anchors when repairing my old rudder mounts. You would need to remove the cleat, drill the anchor into the stripped hole and then put the cleat back in place. I would probably try this first.

If this does not work I'd simply move the cleat a half inch away from the stripped hole. This requires drilling new holes and filling the old ones.

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I would remove the fitting, drill the hole twice as large as you need. Fill the hole with a 2 part epoxy filling (Use some tape or another item so that the epoxy does not flow all the way through the hole). Allow it to cure. Re-drill the hole to the size needed and install the correct size screw. This is the same method that should also be used for drilling in any Balsa cored deck or hull. While it is not required for the area you are working on. It is good practice and should allow everything to come back together as it should be. If you have any scrap fiberglass you can practice on that too before drilling on your boat.
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