HELP! How to rig a spinnaker!

My sailing center has some old scots that have recently been refurbished. We currently have the boats rigged without spinnaker. I'm not even sure if they have all the parts for spinnaker. I need your help explaining how to properly rig the boats for spinnaker. It would be very helpful if someone had a guide with photos or very detailed instructions. I am a dinghy sailor and am aware of how to rig a spinnaker on smaller boats such as club 420, international 420, 29ers, etc... The reason i ask for your help is not just out of curiosity but to expand our youth , summer, and adult programs. Your help would be very appreciated!


I don't know of a guide or instructions, and there are almost as many ways to rig a Scot for spinnaker as there are Scots. Probably the best thing to do is to reach out to Scot owners near you and have a look at their boats. Sorry ... that's the best I can offer.


I would disregard the fancy stuff on Scots that are used for racing and just go with the original equipment some of which are already installed on most boats such as
- mast eyes for halyard and topping lift, no block needed unless the rope used has a rough time going through the eye
- pair of black plastic fairleads on the aft deck
- chainplate hooks. You need to tape tongue depressors to keep the rope falling out, adjust the hook width to match the sheet diameter with pliers of screwdriver

You will need to buy
Spinnaker pole and a fixed mast ring if the boat does not have one. Contact the factory, they have good prices.
You can get simple black plastic cam cleats from for about $6 each. They work fine.

Decisions that you will be faced with are .
Do you rig the halyard for hoist by the skipper or by the crew?
If there is only one crew and one skipper then the skipper should hoist in which case the halyard is led therough the deck to a turning block ( Duckworks) and cleat on the side of the centerboard trunk. Otherwise the halyard is double ended and cleated to the coaming on each side of the deck.
Where to cleat the spinnaker? I do not like the simple vee jamb cleats on the aft deck. One has to face backward to see the cleats. Eyes should be on the spinnaker.
I prefer to lead the sheet forward on each side to a flat cheek block near the outside rail and a cam cleat on the inside edge of the deck.

Launch the spinnaker from an inexpensive small size laundry bucket on the seat. Have a lanyard to hold the bucket in place. Store the spinnaker during sailing season in the bucket.

Again , talk with Harry at the factory and explain your situation. He will help. He also has good prices on the spinnaker sheets.

Good luck. Gabor Karafiath 301 681 6340

I found out recently that the shopping bag you can get at Ikea for 59 cents makes and excellent spinnaker bag...