Jib storage

Has anyone tried to use a jib storage bag on their Scot to eliminate having to remove the jib between sailings? And if so, have you found a good source? They seem to vary quite a bit in price and I'm not sure it's worth it but I thought I would ask. Thanks for any and all opinions.

FS 367 Chin up

I disconnect the sail from the headstay, roll it along the leach, insert it into the bag head first flip it and store it on the seat.

I do the same but don't even bother putting the Jib into a bag. The cover provides plenty of protection (my opinion).

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA

I'm with Claus on this one. I usually take the extra step and put it under the deck but now after thinking about it that is a waste because I have a trailer cover. The seat is fine. If it was on a mooring I would probably tuck it under the seat or deck with a nice mooring cover.

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