We became the new owner of boat 1004 today.

Congrats on the purchase of a Flying Scot. I see that you will probably be sailing at Deep Creek Lake. They have a great sailing school there. My wife and I are scheduled for classes during the 1st adult week in June.

Bring candy! [:D]



Andy- We will be sailing the boat at Deep Creek Lake. My wife is taking the course the second week, due to work I won't be able to take the course.

We can definitely get you some candy.


Your wife will enjoy the course. The first exercise is a capsize drill, so tell her to come prepared to get wet! The capsize drill builds a lot of confidence.

This will be our 4th year at DCSS. We learn a lot and have a lot of fun. Great folks at the sailing school. Too bad we will be on opposite weeks.

FS 4957