Could anyone tell me what year boat 1003 was built

The best info I could find made me think it was between 1965-1968.

My boat's number is 1087. It was built by Customflex in 1967.


Thanks Greg. That knocks one more year off of the boat search. Who is Customflex? I know the boat I am talking about has a plate on it that says Oakland Maryland, where the current Scot factory is.

Customflex was licensed to build Flying Scot boats from sometime in the 60's until sometime in the 80's I think. They were located in Toledo, Ohio. I heard that some of their later boats had quality problems. When I was passing through Maryland just after I got my boat in 1999, I took a slight detour and visited the current Flying Scot factory. Karen Carpenter gave my wife and me a tour through the place. When I told her I had one of the early Customflex boats, she said that the ones built during that time were of good quality. Based on the plate on your boat, I'd say yours was built by Douglass, not Customflex, but you could call Flying Scot and they could probably tell you for sure.

The current FS factory is NOT in Oakland MD.

The address is:


Although I sense that with a good arm, one could throw a stone from Oakland to Deer Park.

Is it still the same building? With a new post office address?

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

Deer Park is right next to Oakland.

Call Dee at Flying Scot. She can look up the history if it is a Douglas boat.

Great folks at Flying Scot.


I called Flying Scot today, the boat was built in 1966. I have a typo in the title, it should read boat 1004 not 1003. Thanks for all of the help.