Remove Boat From Trailer For Bottom Painting

I tried the technique successfully of removing the boat from trailer I found on this forum and have posted pictures at Picasa website.
Picture captions describe what is happening.

Because we had so much rain this spring up here in New England, we found ourselves with "lakefront property" and no back yard to take the boat off the trailer to paint the bottom. So I painted while it was on the trailer. It was a bit of an engineering feat to figure out how to get it up off the bumpers but we placed saw horses under the back and raised the bow. We loosened the bumpers and dropped them away from the boat. I crawled underneath and painted all of the bottom except the tiny point where the bow sat on the forward roller. Once we raised the bumpers back up and put the boat back down, we pushed it back just a little so i could get the roller under to do the small portion that was left. It actually turned out to be easier than the hair raising feat of removing the boat off the trailer and back on again.

Happy sailing!

BA Smith

Where is that technique described on this forum? How did the boat get from the trailer onto the ground?



Thank you Andy.

This is a very helpful link. I think I have enough information to get the boat down on the grass and on the side to access the gasket.

The photos show the bottom of the boat but (to my other post) not the screws around the gasket. Are they painted over? Will they come out using a regular screwdriver, or will I need other tools?

Thanks again,