I tried to polish my hull... I first wet sanded very lightly. I applied polish (with PTEF) with a machine evenly and with a nice terry cloth cover. Upon trying to remove after the polish dried it is insane difficult to remove... I ended having to use 1600 wet sanding to smooth out and remove the polish. Does this sound right? The boat is an 1988 ish year build... As far as just rubbing off the polish forget it ! It was like it dried on and bonded. Maybe I need a couple cotes?


We generally use the water based polish like 3M Finesse-It. Start with a coarse grit to cut and finish with a fine grit to polish and gloss. Use the buffer while the polish is still wet and work it until it is a dry powder. We polish with a wool bonnet on a machine that turns about 2000 rpm. Seal the gelcoat with a good Carnauba paste wax after polishing.