I am repairing my centerboard. ~ 1" of the front edge at the bottom was missing (as if someone had driven it down the road with the centerboard down). I've built that up with epoxy and filler from west marine, and sanded it back to shape. The clerk at west marine told me I could spray gelcoat on top of that if it's well cured. Is this correct or is there another step to assure a good bond?
Also while racing last summer the locknut came off of the centerboard roller and one of the rollers fell off ( Ihad replaced the bolt which was bent and not gotten the locknut far enough on) If the bolt had slipped out all the way would I have lost the centerboard? Or are the tolerances such that the centerboard would have hung up in the lower centerboard trunk? Mark

Check the west epoxy instructions about applying gelcoat over epoxy. Some gelcoat won't cure when applied over epoxy, I think they recommend removing the amine blush then applying vinlylester primer before gelcoat.

If the roller bolt comes out, the board will fall out of the boat. A lock nut or peening the end of the bolt should be done to be sure the bolt remains in place.

Unless you are really particular you do not need to gelcoat the centerboard. Since you are doing a local repair at the leading edge area you could just spray paint it with Rusoleum white sandable primer. This part of the board never rides against the trunk. You will be able to get a smooth finish with the sandable primer after a few, perhaps two or three coats with light sanding in between. The primer sands easily and after the first coat is sanded you will readily see the hollows.Get the primer at Home Depot .It costs very little. Good luck FS 3512

Our fleet captain experienced a centerboard issue a few years ago and posted this on our website....hope it helps.
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BA Smith

I have to repair the leading edge of my board. It looks like the previous owner put it on the trailer with the board down and dragged it along the back of the trailer. After I repair the damage, how far can I take the repair? Can I sand the transition smooth, and to what degree? I am planning on attending my first out of town regatta later this year, and I want to be within the class rules.

Walt Bryde
FS 2168