You guys did this to me!

I have been looking at this site since the fall and have been hooked ever since. Today I purchased Flying Scot #1814. She is an older boat that is showing her age. It has everything I need to go sailing but it all could use updating. I think I am going to start with the new Intensity sails that I have read so much about on here. Then I am going to slowly replace all of the small rigging parts.
I have only sailed larger boats and have done quite a bit of racing on a Tartan 42. I am having quite a hard time figuring out even how to rig this Scot in the driveway. Is there anyone in Ct., R.I. or Mass. that would be willing to help me for a day?
Kevin Ingraham

Contact the New England District governor below or see the fleets list on the FSSA site. I am sure their are fleets in CT. Most fleets are very welcoming and can help you figure out your Scot.

Eric Wojtaszek
Phone (781) 704-3820
E-mail: New England

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

Fleet #177 is in Westport, CT. at the Cedar Point Yacht Club.
Bring the boat down, join the club and race every weekend with us.
In the mean time, please Email me or give a call, and I will be happy to help.
Marv Pozefsky

Kevin. Send me a few photos (or post it on the forum) of your current deck lay out and hardware. I would be glad to make some suggestions. There are a lot of hardware changes that are on the Flying Scot today that may be very marginal with regard to improving speed or the ease of boat handling, and in some cases I believe are a step backward. I sail # 3512 with the same arrangement as in 1970, with a few very inexpensive but critical upgrades that are mostly dated but very functional. Congratulations on your purchase. Gabor Karafiath 301 681 6340