Masthead wind indicators

Can anyone tell me if this is a commonly used accessory? If so, spar fly or windex sport. Are there other wind indicators I may want to make use of? Thanks for the help. Dan FS4883

At our lake they are very common. I know I don't like to race without one.

I use it primarily on the downwind legs to see the apparent wind, particularly in light winds.

Which to use is a matter of personal preference. In our fleet the spar-fly is most popular however it seems prone to damage from the bird population. There are a variety of Rube Goldberg devices used to try to protect them.

FS 5919

I have a windex 10 on my FS. It works OK, but I wished it was a bit bigger. I haven't encountered any bird problems.

If I didn't have a wind indicator, I'd be a bit lost out there, especially in lighter winds.

I race with Glenn, and we have turkey buzzards that like to perch on your windex, whie the boat is stored in the dry slips, and break it. When mine gets broken, I put magnetic recording tape on my shrouds, about 6 feet up from the chainplates. This is pretty reliable going down wind, in heavy or light air.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

constant uv exposure takes its toll on the spar fly in the south

Peter Kowalski
FS 3754