Trailer for Scot

I have been doing a lot of research in the past few months and have decided to purchase a Flying Scot. I have found one for a reasonable price and need to find a suitable trailer. I am looking on Craigslist and have found a few. Can it be any basic trailer? How long should it be min.?

Congratulations on your decision to buy a Scot ... hope you enjoy it as much as I do mine.

Regarding trailers, I'd be very cautious buying something that isn't designed specifically for the Scot ... especially if you intend to store the boat on the trailer when it's not in the water. The Scot needs to rest on its keel, which is designed to take the load. With a substitute trailer, you run the risk of having parts of the hull resting on rollers, and end up with a distorted hull shape over time. It's POSSIBLE some other trailer might work, but I wouldn't advise it.

The factory sells both galvanized and aluminum trailers that will not only fit the boat like a glove, but make the boat easier to launch, and also protect your investment over time. They may even have a line on used trailers. I'd check with them.


I'm also in a trailer predicament.  I was given a Scot by a relative who had it in storage for the past thirty years.  It's an amazing boat but the trailer is driving me crazy. Is twenty feet long and has a double axle trailer or at least four tires.  I think the brand is sparten.  It looks massive compared to all the other trailers with this boat I've seen in pictures. My vehicle has a very difficult time towing it.  I live in the most northern part of Wisconsin possible (Apostle islands area).  I can't spend over six hundred for a trailer.  Can anybody help me with dimensions of a trailer I could make work for it?  Your help is greatly appreciated!!