Ideal Motor and Motor Mount

I am in the process of buying a motor and I am planning on purchasing from FS the newer motor mount. I am looking for a 2.5 hp as it seems the right size for the FS. I have had great experiences with Nissan both for a 9 hp and a 6. I currently have a 6 but it is to much (heavy) for the boat. I see the suzuki and honda weight about 30 pounds, 10 less than others. I have also read that some sailers have had problems popping their engines up out of the water while sailing due to the FS motor mount. I was hoping to get input on the best way to go before making the purchases. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Jack #1922

Hi Jack,
I, and others, have asked very similar questions on previous forums. See "Specific gas motor recommendations" under Cruising the Scott, and "Honda 2.0 HP vs. Suzuki 2.5 HP" under Maintenance, Repair ....

I bought the Suzuki 2.5, and made a new motor mount board (same mount) to raise the motor, both to put the cavitation plate at the correct height, and to allow the motor to lock in the up position. Together with the palm device (also discussed in this forum elsewhere) the system has worked great. I'm very pleased with the choices I made, but both the Honda and Suzuki have gotten excellent reviews. The Nissan has also gotten excellent reviews, but does weigh more.

Rog Klettke

I have a new FS motor mount with standard shaft Honda 2.5 hp. This setup works well on Lake Lanier GA when there is minimal power boat wake. Longer shaft may be desirable where there is frequent/bigger chop.

Peter Kowalski
FS 3754

I'm in the process of buying the Honda 2HP for recently purchased Scot.     WIll use to get in and out of slip/channel and return when no wind.   Any tips related to use of this motor are appreciated! 

I own the Suzuki 2.5 and have found it to be an excellent choice. A lightweight engine is certainly key. As for the mount I have not had any problems - I do use the palm system and it works very well.

Thanks for the comments. I also set up the palm system a month ago but our frostbite racing has been delayed first due to wind and gusts and then we have been frozen in the past few weeks on Long Island, NY. Even without a motor or mount the palm should help as the mainsheet seems to get hung up in light air. As far as my ideal motor and motor mount question I realize there are comments on these topics and I guess the main point is what is ideal (and yes I also know that is a personal opinion, which is what i am seeking). I guess my specific questions are comparing the Suzuki to the Honda which seems to come down to air or water cooled which in term may come down to fresh or salt water, and noise. Any big opinions either way would be appreciated. The second specific question is I believe FS sells the old motor mount and the new motor mount. Since the old one wasn't discontinued I assumed it serves a purpose to some that is different than the newer one. I would also prefer not to buy a new mount, install it and then have to change/adjust the bracket so that a motor it was made to hold could be tilted up. I would prefer to buy the motor mount that is operational in its present condition if that is possible. Any opinions there would be appreciated as well.

Jack #1922