Lazy Jacks

I was wondering if anyone successfully rigged lazy jacks for the Scot. I single-handle sail and this would help with hoisting and flaking. Thanks.

I installed a lazy jack kit for the Scot from Sailcare. I made a couple of minor modifications and would change a couple of things if I did it again, but it works fine for the few times I need it.

Lake Norman, NC

There is one downside to lazy jacks depending on how it is rigged. If a storm comes and you see it in time you want to get the main down as soon as you can AND dismount the boom and mainsail and drop it to the bottom of the cockpit and stuffed under the deck. We had a case at our club where getting the main sail down, but not stuffed under was not sufficient and the Scot flipped. So you need to rig the lazy jack to make sure that you can stuff the boom and sail into the boat bottom. You may need to have a quick way to increase the length of the lazy jack or disconnect it. gabor FS 3512

I would be very interested in some pictures of the lazy jacks (attachment points etc.) - Would it be possible to get some pics or perhaps a link to the website of the maker?