New owner

Since June of 2009 My wife and I have been the proud new owners of fs 4883!!! She's a beauty. So much so that when my buddy saw her for the first time he insisted I keep her on his spare lift close to the mouth of the Sassafras in Md. Now our little cottage is a couple o miles to the west out on the point, and knowing there was no way to leave her moored out there midweek I gladly accepted his hospitality. There she sat, High and dry all week until we could get back down for weekends to sail her around the five rivers area of the Chesapeake. What a summer we had.
Well I hated to see it end but Halloween rolled around so we pulled her out and towed her back to our home in southeastern Pa. She's now getting the garage treatment for the winter after I shined her up real nice. That's when I discovered the issue. At some point in her history she must have sat on some rocks and rolled around a while creating an area forward and to starboard of the cb trunk to have some irregular gouging of the gelcoat. They are not very deep, lets say a 16th to 3/32nds. My question "Finally" what should I do to repair them. Ive scoured the forum and the Westmarine site to find the best suggestions and think I can simply clean the area up good and fill with gelcoat. What do you think? Only one spec size spot in one or the gouges shows darker than the white surrounding gelcoat.
While I got you here Ive noticed some talk about bottom paint. Is this something I need to consider doing. I plan to sail on some Pa lakes early season and head back down to the bay at some point where I hope she will be welcome back on the lift where the bottom remained virtually spotless last season.
This is a terrific site and I have learned so much from this forum.

Thanks, Dan Mulroy fs4883

The obvious answer to your question lies in whether the boat will be moored in the water. If this is the case then an anti-fouling bottom coat is warranted. If the boat is dry sailed or stored on a hoist/lift then the gelcoat repair kit is sufficient. My boat (#2) is moored in pristine fresh water so I am in the throws of applying anti-osmosis epoxy to my bottom followed up with non-anti-fouling epoxy bottom paint.