Keepin' Varmints Outta' Yer Boat

How do you do it???

Last year I had a big problem with rodents 'wintering' in my boat. After considerable headaches and expense, I replaced all of my underseat foam blocks. I'd rather not have to do the job again this year.

I have heard that placing mothballs in your boat will deter them pesky varmints. Any truth to this? Better solutions?

Many thanks,


We've had good luck with this method. We only have to deter mice and red squirrels, so it may not work for bigger varmints. Initially we had mice colonize small spaces in our boats including nesting under the cowling of an outboard.

We have stored a number of boats using mothballs with good results. Put a few mothballs in a ziplock baggie and puncture it a few times. A Scot with a tarp over it will need perhaps four bags scattered around the hull. In boats with enclosed spaces, I put a bag in each compartment.

Next spring collect the baggies, put them in a larger ziplock (without the holes) and they'll be ready next fall.

Good luck.

Frank K.

Many thanks for your help, Frank!

We will definitely take your advice.


[;)] Mothballs work very well