Centerboard Winch

I recently became the happy owner of Douglas #1922. Interesting enough the top of the centerboard bean, on top, just after of the number has an original winch installed slanting forward. It is a real head scratcher. it is original because the slanted part is part of the beam with the hull number. It looks perfect for someone who wants to have bruised knees and shins while racing. Has anyone else seen this before? It can't be for the centerboard line since it snags itself if you use it while pulling up the board.

Jack Corcoran

That winch was used for the mainsheet, thats how older boats were set up.

Hey Jack,

Pictures of FS 1922 would be great.


I removed that old style winch from my FS367 early on and replaced it with a combination block and cam cleat. Sandy didn't believe that you should ever cleat your main sheet but should take a wrap around that drum and hold the sheet in your hand for quick release. I like the convenience of cleating it and I always hold on to the line ready for a quick release.

FS367 Chin up