Centerboard Patch

I recently got a Scot after a 2 year search. It is a Douglass #1922. I have taken out the centerboard and along the edge the metal is exposed. I have grinded off barnacles and used a screwdriver and a heavy fishing knife to dig out barnacles from between the glass and the metal. The glass has widened bit due to this invasion. My thought was to squeeze epoxy into it, clamp it back to its original thickness, and then reglass the actual edge. Any tips or advise?

-- jack

Jack Corcoran

Great pictures. Looking at the before pictures I thought you had my centerboard, sans barnacles! Thanks, they are a big help.

Jack Corcoran

Dave812 was my inspiration during my CB repairs. Here's an excerpt:

The leading edge was so badly damaged, there was actually a large accumulation of clay between the lead balast and the outer fiberglass causing a bulging in the airfoil shape. I ended up cutting out a curved section of fiberglass from the leading edge (both sides) and repairing it with about 4-5 layers of 1.5oz mat. I faired the repair and other leading edge defects with Interlux Watertite and finished with two coast of VC Performance (after removing LOTS of bottom paint) the board looks almost new.


I also have detailed instructions on my club site