Tiller Extension Universal Joint Replacement

I just received from Flying Scot a replacement Universal Joint for the Ronstan Tiller Extension. There are no instructions, although I assume I can just ram the connection into the tube and drill a hole across for the locking pin. However, in the past with my "assumptions" about repairs have usually gotten me in trouble. Has anyone done this repair before? Advice?


A neighbor and I repaired my Ronstan a couple of years ago. As I recall, the original stock installation had a short tube running through the joint, flared on both sides of the extension itself. But even if that recollection is incorrect, we tapped out the old connection with drill, and used a common bolt, nut and small lock washer to attach the new one. Not real elegant, but perfectly functional, and the material of the new universal appears to be much better than the original.


I say, before anything gets ruined, just call them and ask. They have always been helpful on things like this.