FS suitable for single-handing on LI Sound?

How well suited is the Flying Scot for:

- a relatively new sailer,
- going a few miles off of Long Island Sound,
- single-handing?

If the FS isn't the right boat for me, do you have any other recommendations?

Thanks in advance for your experience and knowledge!

The boat is wonderful for a newbee. It is very forgiving. However, when ever your on the water by yourself, it is amazing how things can go astray. It can be dangerous for the most experienced sailor. I would suggest you come to Cedar Point Yacht Club, use our fleet boat, come and race with us on a Saturday (as my guest) and experience the boat. Then you can chat with the rest of our fleet members and get their opinions as well.

Hello.I have sailed singlehanded my Scoton LI Sound and other places. Before you singlehand sail you need to get totally comfortaqble with your sailing abilities.

In single handing any boat including the Scot you needd to plan on what you will do when the wind comes up. This has been discussed on the Scot forum in the past.

I have installed jiffy reef on the Scot. This allows the boat to be sailed single handed in relative comfort in pretty high winds. The jib is removed, the main sail is reefed and the centerboard is pulled up part way to keep the steering in balance. If this is what you plan to do most of the time . then I would suggest the roller furling jib option. A pull on the furling line and the jib is rolled up.

It also helps to have one of the flatter cut mains such as from Schurr or Gus, not the standard full cut North
Gabor Karafiath FS 3512