Non-fleet member -- accepted?

Hi, all:

When I logged in just now (surprised I remembered my username and password!), a notice at the bottom of the login screen told me my last login was in October of '06.

That's about right.

In October of that year I sold my beloved Scot, #4592, and happily walked away from my sailing club. My wife and I had joined a couple of years prior and, both being new to sailing and enthusiastic, finally had enough of the completely absurd in-fighting in the club. That, and the sad lack of participation (about 17 Scots in the club; a good race day was three on the water) just finally led us to sell our boat--a fine Scot we had carefully improved for racing and had taken to two away regatta (both were a blast!).

We both miss sailing and our Scot. We're shopping for another one. So, my question is: Are folks who aren't members of a fleet (or sailing or "yacht" club) welcome at other fleet or club races? What's the protocol for that--if any? I don't expect to hone any decent racing skills with such occasional racing; but, at least we'll avoid the children and their petty arguing in the local club.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice.

P.S. Anyone know where good ol' 4592 is these days?

You don't say where you sail, but if you're ever in north Alabama, you're welcome to sail with us, either as crew or entering your boat. The club is Brown's Creek Sailing Association. The local Flying Scot fleet is 197.

Flying Scot #1087

At Nockamixon Sail Club in Eastern PA, you can join Flying Scot Fleet 163 for $10/year. Membership in NSC is $100 for a racing member. If you elect not to join NSC, we have 6 "invitational regatta" race days where anybody can race for $10 per event.

We encourage regular racers to join FSSA and NSC, but the occasional racer can come out and race for $10. We figure that if you come out and race with us, you'll probably join if we are nice to you, and we help each other out a lot in the fleet.

There are also regular opportunities to crew, so come on out.

Have fun,

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

If you are in the Midwest, the Ephraim Yacht Club hosts two regattas at which non members are welcome each year, the Fyr Bal regatta (mid June) and the Ephraim Regatta (usually the first weekend in August). We welcome and encourage non members to participate in these regattas. The Fyr Bal is free and the Ephraim Regatta is around $60 registration fee.

Membership in the EYC is $150 per year for a family membership, $200 initiation fee.

Check out

J. Lott

We aren't affiliated with any fleet since the closest fleet is 4 hours (one-way) from us. We do try to go to at least one FS regatta every year. We've attended the Wife-Husband and Midwest District depending on where they are held. This year we get to go to the NAC as well as having been at the Midwest Districts. It's a lot of fun and people are very welcoming. Just don't expect to hold the top ranks at these events with no chance to practice locally.

We've attended the Wood Duck regatta in Minneapolis last year. It was a smaller weekend regatta by the club. We enjoyed it quite a bit since we didn't get to sail at the Wife-Husband due to strong winds.

Lots of clubs have smaller weekend regattas where they are very welcoming to guest. Check out the fleets that are close by and see if they have single weekend regatta (not series). Then give a member a call and ask if you are welcome.

Claus FS5074 Ames, IA