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I cant remember ever seeing a flying Scot in Charleston Harbor. We have 5 local regattas during the summer. Because of this site and the enormous available FS information, I decided to purchase a new FS (5867). I am hoping to start a chartered fleet down here and mix it up with the scows and lasers. We just had the worlds sunfish. I pick up my FS mid July and will sail around here the day I get her home. I hate racing but I enjoy winning on occasion. Also I love salt water and am far away from the inland regattas. But here i am excited again about a new boat. I hope to see some of ya,ll in a few years at some Charleston Regattas. At least that is my plan. Peace out!

Congratulations on your new Scot. May you have many years of enjoyment sailing it.

Good luck building interest in Charleston.

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We have some retired Holder sailors that I plan to show off with our new FS. The Grandson is sailing optis and he will earn deck hand status soon. My fleet of one is just a start.

Is there an open regatta for FS on Lake keowee or Lake Norman or Lake Murry or is the season over. I want to see if I can race in fresh water.

Wallace, congratulations on your new boat. You are going to love it and wonder why you didn't get one sooner. We have our annual 'Scots On The Rocks' regatta Sept 12 and 13. We would love to have you (and everyone else!) join us. Check out our website WWW.LMSC.ORG for the NOR and registration form. If there is anything we can do to help you with your fleet, just email me at

I thought i had made a mistake but your invitation is perfect timing. Daisy and i will be there for sure. Cant wait to test this boat out. thanks.

With you that makes a fleet of two. Perhaps some of the lake Murry or lake Norman sailors will come down to the Charleston regattas this year. We have four major area regattas. Our open Hobcaw regatta is in June.

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Charleston, SC

We have two FS in Charleston. We need at least two more to make a class for our upcoming open regatta. We have four open regattas in Charleston the first is Hobcaw around June 12 two days. If anyone is interested this would be our first Flying Scot class in Charleston and will help us build a fleet down here. I raced Lake Murry and came out 21 of 21. My first race. First place is certainly open.

Fleet of two 2010 Charleston, SC

We have fleet 193 at Lake Keowee. We will have Scots racing every other weekend, probably in April if the weather continues as it has so far this winter. We will have 2 regattas in May. May 1&2 will be the Keowee Cup and May 15&16 a Scotts only event the Grits n' Haggis Regatta. Check out our website at Email me at The great thing about lake sailing, "you can't sail off the edge".


We will try to be there, wife willing. She was sad that we came in last 21 out of 21 and is pushing me to sail faster. I tried to tell her that she needs to come up to speed with other crews but she does'nt get it yet. I think I will soften up a bit. Our Charleston fleet has another FS!! (Tommy 4909). Perhaps he will come up too. We figure three hours drive from the coast?

Fleet of two 2010 Charleston, SC

Great to hear from you. You will love sailing the Scot.
Our schedule is now up on our website, but we start our Hot Rudder Bums series next week on the 20th and race every 2 weeks. Our Flying Scot regatta will be May 15 & 16, but we will have 4 to 15 boats on the line at Keowee every other weekend as soon as the weather co-operates.

Wallace, sailing in this class like many others takes time to get to know the boat. The timing between crew and skipper is a lot like dancing. I tell everyone new to the class to be patient and spend the first year learning the steps. When you are sailing against crews that have been together for a while, they are smoother going through the turns. Don't worry about where you finish. Look for flashes of brilliance in a spinnaker set or tacks. Make sure the boat is set up to be user friendly. Technique in small things are key to getting faster.
I teach every little item I pick up to people that crew with me or ask questions. Watch the lead boats in their tacking. You see the jib go from one side to the other and never flogs. This keeps the boat driving forward and gains a few feet on the less efficient. A few feet here and there add up around the course. For a while, be content to be in learning mode and race the boat beside you.