the new jib sheeting through the seat

has anyone done it? I'd like to know if the block on the jib track bends over onto the seat making it difficult for a person to sit on the bench aft of the jib sheet through the bench. please advise.

I have seen this setup on boats, and I think it was a boat that Harry Carpenter was sailing. It is cleaner in the seats than the standard seat jib cleats that FS Inc sells. It looks like it may have a little more friction overall, from the standpoint of easing the sheet easily in really light air. The sheet is going through more stuff.

We have two new race-rigged boats at the lake. I know 5846 has the standard seat cleats. I have not seen the rigging on 5850 and I think 5862 is family rigged.

If you are going to be at the lake tomorrow, look for me and I will show you my boat. I have the standard setup from FS Inc, and I like it a lot. It works great in windy race conditions and OK in light air.


Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

Thanks for the reply, Phil. My wife and I do a lot of cruising with friends, and sometimes children on board. My work or my wife's church schedule just doesn't fit the Fleet's racing scedule most of the time. At any rate, maximizing seat space is a major factor. I do like clearing the rail of blocks, but not at the sake of seat space. So I don't want to put cleats on the seat either. But, in the jib sheet through the bench approach, I don't want the block pulled over the coaming to make the first 20 inches of bench non-useable for adult seating either. Hope to see you at the lake sometime. I should be there Memorial Day.

If you are looking for a jib sheet set up which doesn't take up any space on the rail or on the seat, there was a configuration which some people used a few years ago where the sheet was led from the lead block forward to the coaming at the front of the cockpit. This would be a lousy racing configuration but would maximize cockpit and rail space for cruising. I can't remember exactly how it worked once on the front coaming but I am sure there are others on this forum who could provide more detail.

J. Lott
FS 5698

Frank, Now that Jay mentions it, I think Aaron Weilerstein's boat, on A dock at the lake is rigged that way.

I think his boat is Ding Bang #4161.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

As the former owner of DingBang I can confirm she is rigged that way.

When I bought her she had the jib seat rigging which was fine single handing but when I was out with 4 or more people the rigging was totally in the way of seating and I re-rigged her.

The jib sheets go to the track mounted block, then forward to blocks mounted on the foredeck then back through Spinlock swiveling PowerCleats. The Spinlocks make it really easy to lock or unlock the jib sheet from anywhere on the windward side of the boat.


Shawn, how well did the setup work with spinnaker and under race conditions?

No idea, I never raced her or flew the spinnaker. For daysailing it was very nice.


Thanks for the picture Shawn. Who knew Ding Bang was so famous?
We still have the spinlock set up but the port side one is not working too well and I may have to change it before my crew revolts. I think it might be better to go back to the original set up for racing, the sheets seem to get caught up in the boom vang when we tack sometimes. It might be nice to keep the spinlock in place for when I cruise with a full boat and need more seat space.

Hi Aaron,

I did a double take when I read that post. Glad to hear you have her in the water!

Check to see if maybe the tension on the port side spinlock is set differently from the other side. The little yellow tab right above where the line comes out of the spinlock adjusts how much force is required to lock/unlock the cleat. As I recall there are three different positions available.

If you wanted options to keep the seat space available you could use the original setup with the jib sheets on the sides with the cleats there. Then just alternate how you run the jib sheets. For the jib cleating on the seats the hardware is in the way no matter if you have the sheets run through it or not.

Have fun!


Thanks Shawn
It's been a lot of fun sailing and racing every week and a great sailing education. I've had lots of help from the guys in fleet 163 who will, I'm sure, suggest the ideal set up for the jib sheets when I see them this weekend. I'll adjust the spinlock and see if it locks and releases a little more easily. I hope you're enjoying your new boat too. - Aaron