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After thirty years of cruising large boats and twenty-two years of owning them, I have cashed out and bought a Flying Scot to sail in tidal rivers where I live. At 55 I have decided to concentrate on sailing rather than maintenance, picnics rather than voyages, and the mooring off our beach rather than slip rent at a marina. This will likely be my last sailboat and I plan on sailing her for a long time.

I am looking for a name that connotes a relaxed and joyful final chapter, hopefully with some sort of celtic association.

I enjoyed an old thread on here about boat names but did not see any suggestions that spoke to me.

The best I can come up with is "Nay Never" or perhaps "No Nay Never" which some of you may recognize as the refrain in the Irish song "Wild Rover" about a young man settling down. As the verse goes:

No! Nay! Never!
Nay never no more.
Will I play the Wild Rover.
Nay, never no more.

I'd go with 'Wild Rover'

Prodigal Son

Although he seems to have taken on a different connotation lately, I would go with the Norse god of mischief - Loki. Or, you could go with "Asgard" or "Vahalla".

Thanks for the suggestions, I was beginning to think that the thread was just too lame!

I too was looking for something Celtic for a name, consulted Google, and went with Elsbeth, in honor of my mother Elizabeth.

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I find that boat names are a wonderfully creative combination of heritage and family character which reflects on the owners.

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My choice would be Uisce Beatha. It's Irish for water of life. The english corrupted the pronunciation to "whiskey".[:D]

dave boling
Huntsville, AL

Suggest "Tir Na Nog"

The blessed Isle or Island of eternal youth and beauty

Pat Maguire
Red Bank NJ