Mast Step delamination...

So there is a bit of fireglass cloth which comes down the forward face inside the mast step... where the initial uprighting boss is and the mast sits prior to lifting onto the final step point.

This bit of fibreglass cloth has delaminated from the wood a little and I'm wondering how to retreat the section. I'm varnishing the whole mast step area.

I was thinking I could do one of two things.

1) Cut the delamination back to as close as possible to the point of good contact and than simply replacing the whole bit with a new piece of cloth and epoxy.... seems like the best route...

2) Alternatively I could coat the delamination and the wood below with epoxy and apply a layer of epoxy over it. I don't know why I keep thinking this is an okay solution except it would be easier.

Also, I'm wondering about how epoxy and varnish coexist... which is okay to apply over the other as the area where the fiberglass is applied is adjacent to varnished wood.... do I need to remove the varnish where I want the epoxy to stick, leave a margin and then varnish over the epoxy or will the epoxy bond to the varnish?