What would you like to see in a used scot?

I just purchased a customflex. From what I can tell, this boat was cruised because there are not a bunch of holes from relocating hardware, etc.

I am in the middle of re-coring the hull-the deck is very solid. As I am doing this, I was wondering what the "must haves" on a used boat are. For example, the turning blocks for the spinnaker are not through the deck, there is a cleat on the CB, but not a 360 swivel. This thing even has mini winches for the jib...

My plans are to repair and sell this boat. I plan to do this so whoever gets it has a ready to go boat. My question is: What would you like to see in used boat?


When I was looking for my Scot, I wanted it setup so that I didn't have to modify the previous owner's modifications. If your intent is to renovate the Scot for resale, save money and keep it simple. I wouldn't add any race rigging and leave these options up to the new owner.

That said, my main concern was a solid deck and bottom. I used Flying Scot Inc's tips for buying a used Scot (see Flying Scot's web site). Their estimated price list for repairs helped me to prioritize my list and helped me to evaluate the critical items. Bow bag and transom port should be included in your renovation.

Best advice that I can give you it to look at the cost points for a used Scot that will be competing in the market place with yours. Sails and rigging upgrades are expensive.

Good luck with the renovations.