S n' W cover photo

I'm not usually a stickler for things like this -- but I am having a hard time understanding how the latest Cover photo actually made it to the cover? (Ref Vol 53, Number 2 2009)

The picture quality (resolution) is poor, and it seems to depict a Scot in a fair amount of spinnaker distress during what I can only guess is a gybe. The spinnaker has been backwinded and the sheet is now about to be rolled under the hull.

The only thing I can figure out is that the photo DOES lend itself nicely with one of the highlighted articles -- PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES YOU BETTER! [:o)]

Sloop John B.

Perhaps a photo like this one would have been a better choice.

Michael Mittman
FS# 5804, Fleet 23
Corinthian Sailing Club
White Rock Lake
Dallas, TX

Nice picture Michael!

I believe the picture of the cover is of an FSSA official during the Mid Winters this year. I made the observation that I could not find any notation about the cover picture and was surprised that my comment was made to the skipper (left side of cover) in the picture. In any event (IMO), there should have been a brief notation in S&W describing the circumstances and the picture.

The skipper frequents this forum and I suspect that he will add a comment. [:D]


It's photographic art.


I have never sailed with a spinnaker. Looks like you do not drop the jib? Great photo!!

On the subject of Photographs, the pictures that come up when we log on to the web page are great photos. In addition to the photo quality I am also impressed by the great looking sails on each boat. Even the ones where the boat is in the middle of the pack!!!
Gabor Karafiath FS 3512

I agree, the pics are great and the sails all look new! [:D]

Thanks for your comments on the rotating home page photos, Gabor and Andy. Most of them were taken at the 2009 North Americans at Ephraim, WI, by Courtney Waldrup or Harry Foote. This would also explain why the sails look newer.

If you want to see all of the photos on demand, go here.

And while I'm at it, anyone who has photos they think should be displayed, please send them to me at editor@fssa.com. I try to change the photo rotation periodically.


Hank Sykes
FSSA Forum editor