Boat Transportation

I am looking to transport a Flying Scot (with trailer) from the northwest to the Midwest. Can anyone recommend a reliable and economical boat transportation service?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Economical and boat transport are not two words you will see together often.

The biggest obstacle is which end of the transport are you on ?

If you are at the point of origin, go around to the larger car dealers or to an auto auction in the area and find a used car transporter that utilizes a flat bed trailer and find out when they go east and if they can call you when the trailer is not full. You will have to be on the back due to the mast and would recommend a shrink wrap. This will keep the boat clean (as in not getting filthy dirty) and protect the hull.

If you are on the receiving end, make arrangements through Enterprise to rent a truck one way and fly out and get her, then drive home.

Not being there to ship is a tough deal to do and most (if not all) will not ship unless you are there to kiss her good-bye. Too much risk for damage not disclosed.

Another option is to put on Craigslist for someone going from say, Seattle to St. Louis on vacation (or what ever) and has an open trailer hitch. Offer to pay their fuel and throw in a few extra bucks.
Make sure the boat is insured and the people pulling it are put on notice w/ your insurance company in case something happens. You will have to make sure the trailer is perfect (tires/bearings/lights) if you go this route.

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If you end up dealing with an individual, I'd be make sure your insurance agent understands what you having done.

You may find it's the towing vehicles insurance not the boats's that would cover any losses while the boat is being towed.